Falcon 530 Contact Cleaner


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  • Effectively remove glues and clean stains.
  • Cleans thoroughly.
  • Remove glues for repair or replace screens of smart phones or other electronics.
  • Evaporates quickly.
  • A wide range of applications.
  • Rapid decontamination.
  • Environmentally safe.
  • 500ml spray canister.

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Falcon 530 Contact Cleaner

The rapid removal of flux, oil, grease, dirt, remove stubborn stains and electrostatic etc..

Fast evaporation, cleaning ability.

Completely volatile, without leaving traces, the plastic, the metal surface no corrosion phenomenon.

The safety performance, the deformation of the spray tank and the bursting pressure are higher than the national standard.

Environmental protection products, in line with the EU RoHS environmental directives, through the quality management system and environmental management system certification.

Widely used glass cleaning for glass screens that need cleaning, or to clean the screens before placing a glass screen protector onto mobiles and tablets, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi etc.

FALCON 530 electronic cleaning agent is made of high quality hydrocarbon solvent and surfactant, volatile fast, clean ability, suitable for most of the metal materials and non-metallic materials, green environmental protection products.

Applicable to screen the decontamination of mobile phones, tablet PCs, laptops and other electronic products and the shell surface, plastic surface, a sensor, a precision instrument, electrical contacts, electrical components and circuit boards and other oil, grease, dirt, stains and removal of static electricity.

Powerful cleaning, highly volatile, no residue, water-based cleaning agent is safe without environmental corrosion!

Falcon Frindverse 530 Electronic Contact Flux LCD PCB Cleaning Solvent (550 ml)

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